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Our Guides

Dale Parriott

Dale Parriott started his dirt biking at the age of 7 riding a 1949 125cc James. He followed his father on desert courses such as "The Moose Run" and the famous "Big Bear Run".  In 1959 Dale was one of the original Go Kart Racers in the Los Angeles area, racing in different parking lots until the first real Go Kart tracks were built at Azusa and Cornell Corners in Agora, CA. 
Dale and Glee Parriott moved to Moab, Utah in 1977 where they have 3 sons and numerous grandchildren. Dale and his family played with and have raced motorcycles in the Utah desert, and owned and operated a manufacturing plant in Moab.  
He is a member of the American Motorcycle Association and races Hare and Hound Scrambles. He has been a guide with Elite Motorcycle Tours for 17 years.

Terry Flynn

Terry Flynn is a retired Business School Teacher.  He moved to Utah to be a Back Country Trail Guide. He has raced motorcycles since 1964 and the Honda XR is his first choice to race. He is a Enduro Class Champion and Grand Champion in Indiana and a member of the American Motorcycle Association that races the Hare and Hound races.  Terry Flynn has been a guide with Elite Motorcycle Tours for 11 years.

Darren Peterson

Darren Peterson is from Montrose, Colorado and is the father of 3 children.  He has worked in the Customer Service Industry for 20 years.  Darren is a MSF Dirt Bike coach with a Wilderness First Aid Certification.  He enjoys riding motorcycles and touring, while improving his client's techniques and riding ability, through the scenic mountains of Colorado and the vast desert of Utah.  

Lisa Brown

Chris Stehle

Steve Hatch

Steve Hatch is one of the most-popular riders on the American off-road scene with his kind demeanor yet ferocious riding style. He has been a Factory Pro off-road racer for the last 18 years, he has raced for Factory Suzuki, Factory Kawasaki and now has support in retirement from KTM. He has a passion for winning and now he wants to help you become a better rider through his video training or one of his 3 riding programs (riding clinics, training, and chiseled into a Champion program).


Deines is 28 and has been racing since he was 5, competing in MotoTrials for 13 years and racing dirtbikes for about seven years."I really enjoy a good challenge on two wheels," Deines said. "That's why I like the MotoTrialsandEndurocross series so much!"  "Also, I really enjoy camping in the Colorado mountains and Moab/Utah desert. I also enjoy dual sporting my XR650R in the Colorado mountains."